Five Paintings Workshop

OCTOBER 28 & 29, 2017, 10 am – 3 pm

FEE $180

Portside Studios, 150 McLean Dr., Vancouver

This fun weekend workshop aims to encourage the intuitive way of making a painting and by doing so, aims to facilitate individual strengths. Participants are asked to bring five painting surfaces and will be working on them concurrently. The class covers various aspects of painting including working with different mediums, using greys, mixing colours, and creating depth in your work while the focus remains on individual feedback to actualize your vision.

Some experience in oil painting would be helpful but not necessary. A list of material required for this workshop will be provided upon registration.


Basic Drawing Workshop

JUNE 11 & 12, 10am – 3pm

FEE $180


The weekend drawing workshop will introduce participants to the basic drawing techniques such as blind contour, gesture drawing, modelling, and perspectives.  Drawing is a fundamental skill that gives a solid ground for any creative endeavour, and this class will equip participants with how to pay attention and hone their hand-eye coordination.  The class will utilize some of the exercises from Nicholaides’ “Natural Way to Draw”.

Demonstration: Fresh Approach to Landscape Painting


FEE $150


Eri will demonstrate how to infuse movement in landscape using oil paint.  Starting with a layer of thin paint, Eri will start her demonstration with tonal painting, then proceed to show how to paint intuitively to create a fresh painting that has a sense of depth and memory. 

She will discuss oil painting techniques with a focus on the use of underpainting, use of colours, intuitive mark making, and using light to create visual depth .

Private Painting and Drawing Lessons



This intensive lesson would provide one-on-one instruction in a relaxed atmosphere. The lessons will be tailored to individual needs while focus remains on building on participant’s strengths.

Portfolio Review



This individual session will provide in-depth review of your portfolio.  Using her vast experience, Eri will give feedback on creative directions as well as discussion about possible venues to show the work.  Participants are encourage to bring their CV and images of past works.